Galaxy-Tec Limited

We offer VoIP solutions with our high quality!


Galaxy-Tec Ltd.  offers businesses VoIP solutions with its high quality wholesale VoIP terminations. We provide reliable alternative to traditional telephone services, providing stable routes at affordable prices.

What do we offer you?

Partnering with carriers and operators worldwide, Galaxy-Tec Ltd. delivers affordable high quality A-Z wholesale terminations. With interconnects across A to Z destinations, we’ve secured competitive pricing for your connections that include plans designed to meet your company’s needs

About Us

Galaxy-Tec is one of the best companies in the market and we contribute our rank to the notion that our first and main Aim is to build a good relation with our client, where they can get best services from us.


Wholesale VoIP

Offering great prices on our A–Z Wholesale terminations for VoIP providers. You’ll receive the most competitive rates based on different routing plans.

Business VoIP

To help businesses save on long distance call costs while helping them to the next generation of communication.

DID numbers

Our DID service delivers a simple low cost approach to virtual numbers, providing your company with a proxy international number.

Get Everything You Need With Our Services

Galaxy-Tec enables seamless delivery of carrier-grade VoIP solutions. We have been driven by our desire to deliver world-class wholesale VoIP services to businesses and VoIP carriers at the lowest possible price. Businesses dependent on making large volumes of long distance calls benefit from our affordable overseas call rates, reducing their overall telephone bills. Wholesale and retail VoIP companies also use our reliable routes based on competitive pricing.